This is my first character scene I did in 3dsMax. The character was once an illustration of mine which I redesigned in the 3d program.

After painting the UV layout I positioned a Biped system fot the character animation. By the time I worked with the Pysique Modifier which I appreciate for his complex possibilities.

Fusce libero tortor, facilisis sit amet ipsum in, lacinia tincidunt nisl. Morbi dictum dictum sem ut viverra. Pellentesque habThe scene itself was the same as on the post card. The character sitting and reading in a cosy christmas atmosphere.

Most arrangements were made in the 3d program while the special effects were added in a compositing program such as After Effects. The candle lights that starts to glow an move a little bit and the steam were such addings to this 3d scene.

All in all I will rework it one day due to lighting  and shading could be much more specific./vc_column_text]